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It doesn't matter if you're an architect in Manhattan or a mechanic in So-Cal. You're you. Breed offers wearables that complement the distinctive personality. From fine automatic movements and deco styling to Swiss chronographs and titanium finishes, Breed offers the most diverse and intriguing styles available. You just have to ask yourself, what's your Breed?


If you forget to take them off, that's normal. Breed sunglasses become a part of you, like a broken-in pair of jeans. A lived-in leather jacket.

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Quality sunglasses offer a polarized lens. All of Breed sunglasses are polarized and we use the Triacetate Cellulose (TAC) polarized process. The TAC process uses a multiple layer production.

Polarized lenses have the benefit of filtering out reflected light and glare off water, pavement and snow. TAC polarized lens are superior for fishing, boating, driving or any other glare intensive activity. TAC polarized lenses are the best ways to eliminate glare and UV light. Polarization is achieved by shutting out 100% of undesirable light and allowing 100% of desired light through the lenses.

Multi-layer composite complies with the international sunglasses lenses standard and UV400 UV sunglasses lenses standard. Thus the polarized lenses can fully protect eyes. The first layer is a polarizing layer; core of the lens as it provides more than 99% of the polarizing effect, which can effective absorption of glare. Second and third layer for bonding, can effectively resist the cutting, baking, baking bend, cut pieces, tests of withstanding harsh environments. The fourth and fifth layer for UV-absorbing layer; absorbing 99% of UV-ultraviolet rays. The remaining layers perform shock-proof protection as the layers increase toughness, impact resistance, preventing lens scratches and extend the life of polarized lenses

lenses diagram

TAC produced lens are ultra-light and are highly impact resistant.

TAC polarized sunglasses lenses are effective cutting strong light, reflection and scattering light. It makes light rays become parallel. TAC polarized lenses makes the scenery more clear and soft. Breed sunglasses have zero distortion of scenery and the feeling of vertigo.

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